Friday, July 20, 2012


I am writing this post after a long hiatus on the blog. Because there are rare occasions when the 140 characters of twitter is pathetically incompetent. Because I am also listening to the soundtrack of THAT movie right now. And primarily because watching that movie reminded me how psyched I am by disorder.

I don't know why it appeals to me at an elementary level. Me, a person who has been brought up in a most conservative, orderly, family. Whose every move in his career was planned out before he could even learn to walk. Who needs structure in his work. Who hates waste, and therefore cannot stop thinking of operational efficiency, of workflow, of systems over people. Who has already planned the rest of his life out.

But maybe precisely that is why I love anarchy. I remember Bertrand Russell's "Of machine and emotions", where he refers to the need for anarchy in everyone's life. Not a want, but a need without which people with boring lives will come together to act in a most horrendous manner. He attributes the popular support for the World War II to this "mechanization" of humans. How true he sounds to me now!

I have always, even as a child, secretly dreamt of a totally chaotic world, as I am sure, have you. In my mind though, it was vivid and inevitable. And in my search for the source of such chaos, I always ended up thinking of a cataclysmic class struggle that tears society, limb by limb. Not very different, then, from the movie I saw today. But what was different in my version was the finality of it all. No saviour. No rebirth. No redemption. Just a savage end that could have been brought on by any different means, but chose this happenstance.

And I intend to write a story of how I think such an end may come. The first stage of my anarchy is right here, in my reckoning. In my story, the 'gated communities' will become organized symbols of hate. Because they deny any kind of access to the people who supposedly are undeserving. Because when inside them, you are walling yourself into a world that denies any responsibilities to the world outside. In my story, these gated communities will evolve into self-serving sinks of resources that would expand vertically and horizontally even as they keep out the underprivileged except for when they need to be cleaned, or fed.

The storm will come one day, of course. But the battle will be epic. At least it will for me. Just like a fan-boy who cannot stop gushing about the epic he just witnessed (which just about describes me right now), I also am fantasizing about my battle. I want it to be an Indian story, because there is nowhere else you can find this level of inequality as you would here. And such a story would mildly assuage me of my own guilt.

There were many things that mesmerized me about 'The Dark Knigh Rises'. But the idea of a city with no structure appealed the most to me. I've already introduced a little anarchy in my life, of course. A small deviation from the best laid plans, if you will. But I still crave way more. And this would be my outlet. But will I actually write that story? I need inspiration like I received today.

Or maybe I just need to listen to Hans Zimmer on a more daily basis.

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Nidhi Desai said...

Maybe here is a little inspiration. You have one reader (sure there would be many more), eagerly waiting to read your story. Good luck!